Types of Roof Vents You Can Use in Your House

If you live in a humid and hot area and want to remove moisture and hot air from your attic, using roof vents is your solution. There are so many vents available on the market, and choosing the right one can be pretty confusing. This article will elaborate briefly about each types of vents for your reference.

Roof Vents Types

Every type of vents will be explained briefly on the list below:

  • Ridge vents: this vent system can be considered a static system thanks to the absence of moving parts. This type of vent should cover the whole length for the horizontal ridge of the roof and blend to the roofline to get a more interesting look. It provides a more balanced temperature distribution compared to other types of vents.
  • Power vents: better known as Power Attic Vents or PAVs, this vent has motors, which turn big fans to moisture out and move the hot air to the attic. There are many colors available on the market. Some of them has adjustable thermostats.
  • Wind turbines: this vent is also known as whirlybirds. It has moving parts but no motors. Thus it relies on winds to create movements. It is available with various quality degree. The cheaper versions may create squeaking noises that can be pretty disturbing.
  • Box vents: it is also known turtle vents, flat vents, louvers, or low profile vents. This is also a static vent. It utilizes natural convection to make an opening for moisture and rising hot air to escape. It will be very effective if you install is near the roof ridge.

There are also other types of roof vents, such as cupola vents and off ridge vents. Make sure to search as much information as possible before deciding which vent is the most suitable for your house.