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It’s the dawn of the New Millennium and the Coopers are back, chaotic as ever. Thirtysomething Karen’s attempting to bring up her toddler grandson on behalf of a daughter who’s away at university, as well as holding down her teaching job and trying to maintain some sense of herself. But there’s trouble on so many fronts. When she isn’t being pursued by her maddening ex, she’s haunted by the ghost of her mother who seems to have some important message she wants to pass on. Her head’s a jumble and no one’s listening to her. That is, until a handsome new neighbour moves in next door. Might he be the solution to at least some of her woes?

Meanwhile daughter Charlotte’s got problems of her own. How can she keep on juggling motherhood with student life? What’s gone wrong between her and her boyfriend Daniel? Who exactly does her libertine landlord think he is? Why is her mum unravelling before her eyes?

Then, out of the blue, a mysterious card from the darkest reaches of the past turns the family upside down, and sends Charlotte off on the riskiest journey of her life.

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You’re in for a treat…What’s refreshing about the story is that it’s not about middle class yummy mummies taking their children on playdates – it’s more gritty, real and believable as it explores what it’s really like to be a mum. Uplifting and life-affirming, don’t miss.

The Sun



http://writewyattuk.wordpress.coimages (4)m/2013/03/08/where-true-northern-grit-meets-real-romance/


Praise for the prequel, The Bad Mother’s Handbook:

“…a heart-warming read on what it means to be a mum.”

The Sun
“…extremely enjoyable; funny, perceptive and cleverly told…a well-crafted book that will be life-affirming and popular.”
“…a really cracking read …brilliantly unwinsome.”
Sunday Times
“It’s such a grabby title and the book is full of quirky ideas…[it’s] both perceptive and funny.”
Jennie Bond; My Six Best Books in the Express