Before She Was Mine


Freya is torn between her two mothers. Liv, her adoptive mother who nurtured and raised her, is earthy, no-nonsense. The total opposite to Melody: with her vibrant, explosive personality and extensive, brightly coloured wardrobe, Freya’s birth mother is still apt to find herself thrown out of Top Shop for bad behaviour.

Hard as it has been for Freya to try to reconcile her two families, it has been harder for her mothers. Proud of her mature and sensible adoptive daughter, Liv fears Melody’s restless influence. Meanwhile, forced to give up her baby when she was just a teenager herself, Melody now craves Freya’s love and acceptance – but only really knows how to have fun.

Then tragedy strikes, and the bonds of love that tie these three women together will be tested to the max. Can they finally let go of the past, and pull together in order to withstand the toughest challenge life could throw them?

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Praise for ‘Before She Was Mine’

“Has everyone read ‘Before She Was Mine’ by Kate Long? You should.”

Adele Parks

“a unique voice ….A Heartwarmer”.


“this heart-warming and funny tale”

The Lady magazine
 ztopshopjacket“Warm and quirky . . . an interesting take on mother- and daughter-hood”
Take a Break

“Few writers understand families in the way Kate Long does. ‘Before She Was Mine’ is peopled with believable and recognisable characters. Although touching and sometimes achingly sad, bittersweet humour prevents the novel from becoming maudlin.”

The New Writer

“Kate Long is a Jacqueline Wilson for adults. She has a knack of drawing you completely into an everyday world where everyday people are pushed to their limits …. I thoroughly recommend Before She was Mine.”

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