Best 4 Custom Bookshelves Designs for Your Home

Making a bookcase by yourself is not as hard as you think. There are a lot of bookcase plans available on internet and you can create your own custom bookshelves based on those plans. This article will give you suggestions and brief explanations about some great bookshelves ideas you can try to create at home.

Best Custom Bookshelves Ideas

The following list will give explanations for each idea briefly.

  • Cubby bookshelf: if you have kids in your house, this custom can be a good choice for you. This cubby, simple, and big bookshelf can be used to store various items, such as toys, books, and dolls. The shelves are adjustable, which means you can change it later on if the stored items change.
  • Walnut bookcase: for a classic look, choosing a bookshelf from wood is recommended. Using walnut wood combined with a stain of mahogany, this type of bookshelves offers a gorgeous classic character to your room. Make sure the color of the wood match the color of your wall to create a better harmony.
  • Industrial bookcase: this design was inspired by the pages of Pottery Barn. For those who love rustic yet sophisticated feeling in their house, this bookcase is certainly the best choice. The price of this design is also pretty affordable, which is a good news if you are tight in budget but still want to get a great interior design.
  • Tall bookshelf: this type of bookshelf is suitable for those who only have limited space in their room. Utilizing vertical space, you can still get a large storage area without using too much space in your room.

The previous paragraph already mention some custom bookshelves design that you can create by yourself. Read the instructions provided by the book plan properly to make sure the results match your expectation.