Cabinet Hinges Types for Your Cabinet

Choosing the right cabinet hinges can be quite a task due to so many types of hinges available on the market. Each type of hinges offers different functions and benefits. In this article, we will focus more on the most popular types of hinges that are commonly used in houses.

Types of Cabinet Hinges

Several of hinges will be explained on the list below:

  • Euro or cup hinges: this hinge becomes a new popular trend due to its great durability. This hinge is also very convenient compared to other types of hinges because it is adjustable to the position of the door without removing either the hinge or door. It is suitable for practical reasons.
  • Piano or continuous hinges: this hinge can be considered pretty fabulous. It comes in a long metal row. The good aspect of this hinge is the fact that you are able to custom it to whatever function you need. It is also often used for toy chests, heavier boxes, doors, benches, lids, and jewelry boxes.
  • Ball bearing hinges: this hinge has the swiftest mechanism. This type of hinges is the best for heavier lids or doors thanks to its mechanism that make heavier objects easier to adjust. It is also suitable for doors that often get high pressure or traffic.
  • Flush hinges: this hinge has each wings internally mounted so it is concealed. The pin and knuckle are exposed. This hinge is mainly used for cabinet hinge because it cannot handle too much weight and can be easily broken due to too much pressure.

The cabinet hinges mentioned above are only parts of so many types of hinges. However, those are some of the most common ones to be used in standard cabinet. Do not forget to list your need to choose the right one.