Cheap and Great Door Mirror Designs for Your Bedroom

Limited wall space can be an issue when you want to have a huge mirror in your bedroom. However, now you can use a door mirror to accommodate the condition. It has a lot of variety in designs and can serve as a great decor to your bedroom. The next paragraph will list several best designs with cheaper price.

Recommended Door Mirror Designs

Here are some mirrors recommended for your bedroom.

  • Mirror with storage: looking for a functional and stylish door to be placed on your door? This model is your answer. It has a secret storage space for your accessories and cosmetics. Its cherry-finished frame gives an elegant look to your bedroom.
  • Mirror with oak frame: adding some woods in your bedroom can add some warmth ambience. You can do this by choosing mirror with wooden frame, particularly oak frames. This sleek mirror will definitely give a sense of nature and warmth in your room.
  • Brass metal mirror: if you are currently looking for a cheap mirror to be placed on your door without losing a sense of luxury, this type of mirror is definitely your answer. Thanks to its chic brass metal frame, your bedroom will looks more charming with more vintage vibes. It can be both hung horizontally or vertically.
  • Frameless mirror: this type of mirror is the best for those who has limited wall space in their bedroom. Even with the limited space, your bedroom still deserve to have a cool mirror. This mirror slips perfectly on your door thanks to the hooks, which can also serve as the place to hang your accessories.

The list above already described some of the recommended door mirror with simple yet chic design and cheaper price. Make sure to match it with other furniture in your bedroom to enhance the ambience of the room.