Choosing the Best Patio Door Curtains Based on the Rooms

Modern architecture includes a lot of nature element, such as the outside view of your backyards. Using patio doors is a great option to achieve this goal. However, patio doors are not really friendly when it comes to privacy. Thus, this article will describe the best patio door curtains for every room in your house according to level of privacy you want for each room.

Patio Door Curtains for Each Room

The following list will explain about the suitable curtains for patio door in different rooms.

  • Bathroom curtain: bathroom is one of the rooms in your house that needs a complete privacy. Thus it is suggested that the curtains for patio door in bathroom are opaque enough for people from outside to see, but transparent enough for you to see the view outside.
  • Living room curtains: this room does not need privacy as much as bathroom, thus the options for the curtains are more flexible. If you wish to enjoy sunlight at the fullest, you can choose a transparent curtain for your patio door. This type of curtain works the best for both summer and winter season.
  • Bedroom curtains: for bedroom with patio door, more opaque curtains are more preferable due to the privacy it offers. Match the color of your curtains with your blankets or pillow to create a great harmony in your room.
  • Dining areas: in this room, you do not exactly need curtains for your patio door. However, you can still add a transparent curtain to give you some sort of safety from people peeking from outside.

The basic rule to choose the correct patio door curtains is based on the amount of privacy you want to have in your room. The more you need privacy, the more you need curtains that do not expose your activity to the outside world.