Choosing the Best Types of Door Bells for Your House

Using door bells to give some notice when a visitor come to your house has been practiced for a long time. However, with the technological development, there are a lot of types of chimes you can choose. In this article, we will elaborate briefly about the type of buzzers available on the market to help you choose the best one for your house.

Different Types of Door Bells

There are two main types of buzzer, wired and wireless buzzer. Each type will be explained on the list below:

  • Wireless buzzer: this type of chime uses radio waves as a medium to connect the chime with the transmitter switch, making wires unnecessary. It comprises of a transmitter unit and switch within the mechanism of the button. The receiver unit will be place within the house. If you press the button, the transmitter will send a signal that will be captured by the receiver and cause it to chime. You need to place the receiver within the transmitter’s range, which depends on the brand of the chime.
  • Wired buzzer: this chime system uses hard-wire to the electrical system of your house and usually comprises of a switch placed within the button device. The switch are connected to a terminal, which is linked to a transformer. Most of the time, the transformer will be situated in a different location. The function of a transformer is to reduce the voltage that runs to the switch. It does not require battery power, which is easier for maintenance compared to the wireless one.

Each types of door bells has their own perks and small drawbacks. If you do not mind about maintenance, wireless chime can be a good choice. But if maintenance is such a hassle for you, then wired chime will be a better choice.