Choosing the Best Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Choosing kitchen cabinet doors can be pretty confusing due to so many types of doors available on the market. In this article, we will give you some brief explanations about several types of doors you can choose to apply at your kitchen door.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors Types

Every types of door will be elaborated on the list below:

  • Partial overlay door: this type of door only cover some parts of the cabinet with a tiny portion of the cabinet is showing. It gives a more traditional look for your cabinet, which is suitable if you love conventional accents in your kitchen.
  • Full overlay door: this type of door cover the whole front part of the cabinet. Only a very tiny part of the cabinet frame is visible to our eyes. It creates an almost streamlined and seamless looks to your cabinet.
  • Recessed panel door: this type of door is commonly known as flat panel door. It has a middle panel that is under the other part of the door, with upper outer edge. This design gives an unusual characteristic to the cabinet. It is commonly uses on more sophisticated and modern designs.
  • Raised panel door: the middle panel of this door is raised from other part of the door. Often times, it is raised with contoured edges that provides a distinct style to the cabinet. This door is commonly applied in a more conventional design.
  • Inset door: this door can fit into the face frame openings of the cabinet, which gives a whole view of the frame. It can be modified to your liking.

The previous list already elaborate the characteristic of each type of kitchen cabinet doors. List what you need and want in your kitchen cabinet before making any purchase to avoid choosing a wrong type of door.