Common Types of Shoe Cabinet

Having a lot of shoes is a must for a fashionista. However, many shoes can make your room look messy. Thus, you need a shoe cabinet to store all of them. This article will explain briefly about several common types of shoe storage that you can use in your house.

Shoe Cabinet Types

The following list describes some types of the cabinet available on the market.

  • Shoe storage: if you have many shoes and your room is quite spacey, then using a shoe storage is a good idea to store your collections. The size of this cabinet is usually pretty compact. Despite its compact size, it offers a great capacity. It is very suitable for shoe collectors.
  • Over-door rack: you can utilize an over-door rack if you have some issues with floor space. Over-door rack commonly hang on a bedroom or closer door and possess either knobs to hang shoes or slots to tuck your shoes. However, it is not suitable for entryways, but definitely a good idea for small apartment or bedroom.
  • Standard shoe rack: for those who have a normal number of shoes, you can use shoe rack to store them. A standard shoe rack consist of tiered shelves, which sits near the floor. It allows the user to store some pairs neatly within small area.
  • Shoe bench: this type of cabinet is considered as a famous way to place your shoes, particularly in entryways. It keeps the shoes organized and stored while also provides a place for you to sit while taking off the shoes or putting it on.

There are still a lot of types of shoe cabinet available on the market. Make sure to understand what you need and consider the space in your room before purchasing certain shoe storage so you will not be disappointed with your purchase.