Cool Bookshelves: What Good Could Come out of Them?

What comes to your mind upon hearing about or reading the phrase “cool bookshelves”? No, no; these are not bookcases with air conditioning system to make it cool to the touch; it’s nothing like that. Rather, the cool bookcases in question have a design that is both eye-catching and functional all at the same time. See, a bookcase is a type of furniture that today has more than simple purposes and functions. Nowadays, a bookcase can easily be incorporated to a house’s decorative elements so the homeowner can spruce up the interior a bit while being able to show off their collection.

Cool Bookshelves and Their Role

You can label yourself as anything: A diehard reader or a casual one. You can even tell people how much of a sci-fi fan you are or that your love for fantasy literatures cannot be measured by any means. That’s all up to you but there is one constant that remains the same with everyone: There should be a special place for all the books to go into. And that’s where a bookcase asserts its role. However, that only covers the basics; you need to find something that can transcend beyond its primary function if you wish for it to work esthetically as well.

And that is why the term “cool bookshelves” is coined in the first place. Of course, the level of coolness of a bookcase depends greatly on your own values. One may think that a bookcase looks cool while others may deem it a waste of space. Everything is indeed relative but who can argue that a bookcase that also serves as a seat for a reading nook doesn’t look cool? Or, wouldn’t a bookcase that also function as a computer desk be a great organizational tool? Or, wouldn’t you be drooling over a series of bookcases that upon installation spells out the word ‘read’?