Fixing Your Zero Gravity Chair by Yourself

If you have a broken zero gravity chair, but do not want to replace it with the new one, you can try to repair it by yourself. The process of repairing this chair heavily depends on the broken parts. This article will explain the way to repair the chair based on the damaged parts.

Fixing Zero Gravity Chair

Several ways to fix your chair are listed below:

  • Fixing the seat: if you find rips in the upholstery of the chair, you can easily fix it by changing the upholstery, especially if it has a big rig that cannot be covered with a patch. If it is only small parts, you can patch the rip with upholstery patches. You can choose the patches that match closely to the actual fabric.
  • Fixing the loose cords: this chair needs its cords to keep the seat part buoyant. However, it may become loose after years, making the chair losing its bounce. You can purchase the cord for replacement for your chair to fix the issue. Make sure to lace the replacement cord correctly, and it will surely extend the durability of your chair.
  • Fixing the handle: the type of chair that can be placed outdoor often has a handle mechanism that allow you to recline the chair. If this part is broken, you can search for a replacement handle to replace the broken part. Make sure to choose the one that match the initial handle. Just remove the bolts and nuts holding the initial handle, place the replacement handle on the position similar to the original, and secure it with the bolts and nuts.

Those are several ways you can do to fix your zero gravity chair. You can purchase the replacement parts on various stores, both online and offline. Make sure to purchase the product that match your original chair.