Floating Bookshelves: A Unique Spin on the Conventional Storage Unit

For a living space with limited space, floating bookshelvescould be a great idea to use when it comes to containing all the collection you have without sacrificing too much footprint. What’s even more interesting is that the bookshelves are shelves in name only as there would be no actual shelving unit involved. Want something more intriguing? The so called bookshelves are not sold anywhere, meaning it is a DIY project you can take up to make great use of your spare time. So, let’s get deeper into this thing, shall we?

Floating Bookshelves: A Simple How-to

As much as it is fun to see a floating shelf, this has nothing to do with the shelves being afloat. There is no magic involved as well so you can lay off the excitement giggle. The shelves are afloat because it literally has no footprints as you would kind of hang the books against the wall several inches above the floor. You will need a pair of wall brackets. Nail the brackets with the wall-mounted part facing upward and several inches apart from each other. Don’t leave it too wide apart; make it just enough to contain the book lengthwise.

Once the brackets are fully secured on the wall, you will have to work on a hardcover book that serves as the base. For this purpose, you will have to drill the back cover for the bolts to go through o the base book is placed securely. As such, it would be a great idea to use a book that you no longer read. Or, if it’s too painful for you to hurt any kind of books, you can Velcro the back cover to the inner page so the brackets slide inside comfortably and so that the back cover does not fall down. Your floating bookshelvesare done and ready to use.