Four Most Common Type of Slate Roof for Your Future Home

Almost every house around the world has slate roof. It has a function to resist wind, shed snow and rain, and provide shelter. In this article, we will give some information about the most popular types of slates available on the market.

Slate Roof Types

The description of each types of roof can be read below:

  • Blended (multicolored) roof: if you are various colors available, trying to blend them and make a multicolored roof can be a great idea. This type of roof is usually achieved using an installation of random width slate. Most of the time, two to four colors are used as the best combinations.
  • Random width roof: this type of roof combines slates with various thickness, length, and widths. The slates are placed to give enough joint offset without maintaining joint alignment. It can create a unique feeling for your house, mostly use in houses with old or classical style to enhance the antique looks.
  • Patterned roof: individual banding or accent using slates with different shapes or colors can be used to create unusual the characteristic for your roof. Some of the most common accents are names, words, dates, geometric, and floral patterns. It will gives a more personalized attributes to your house and make it different from other houses in your neighborhood.
  • Standard roof: this roof systems uses slate with same width and length to construct the roof. It is placed in horizontal courses uniformly and the vertical joints are aligned carefully. It is considered as the most common roof systems around the world.

There are still a lot of slate roof types available on the market, but those four mentioned above are the most common ones. You can read some magazines to get more inspiration on what kind of roof you wish to have for your house.