Four Most Common Wood Used for Wood Bookcases

Before creating or choosing wood bookcases, you need to understand which type of woods is suitable to accommodate your needs. There are many types of woods available on the market. We will describe briefly about the most common woods used to create bookcases in this article.

Wood Types for Wood Bookcases

The characteristics of each wood can be read on the list below:

  • Koa: for those who want a long-lasting bookshelf, choosing Koa wood as its main material can be the best option. This wood can be considered as the hardest wood among other types of woods that are commercially available. Despite its great durability, it has great shellac quality and is lightweight.
  • Cherry: despite being a hardwood, cherry wood is actually very versatile and lightweight. A lot of people choose this wood over others due to its warm and rich reddish color. As it gets older, the color will turn even darker and richer, creating an antique feeling on old shelves. Best choice for display purpose.
  • Plywood: for DIY enthusiasts, this type of woods is the best option. There are several grades that determine the appearance and smoothness of the surface knots. Plywood is pretty cheap and relatively strong compared to other woods available on the market, which are the reasons why it is popular among DIY practitioners.
  • Pine: this woods can be considered the most popular and affordable softwoods on the market. It is easy to stain, pain, and modify, which is suitable for any DIY beginners. Despite being a solid wood, it is not recommended to use it to place heavy objects because it can dent or bend easily.

Every type of woods has its own benefits and drawbacks. Choose the material of your wood bookcases based on what you want and need in your bookshelves to avoid disappointing results.