Four Popular Types of Roof Pitch

Are you planning to renovate your house and change its roofing? If the answer is yes, then you have to understand about several roofing types to choose the correct roofing for your house. There are many types of roof pitch available on the market, and some of them will be explained on the next paragraph.

Roof Pitch Types

The types of roof will be elaborated briefly on the following list:

  • Flat roof: this type of roof looks like it has no pitch. Even so, it actually has a minor pitch, allowing for drainage and water run-off. It is usually used for commercial or industrial buildings, but using it for residential house is also possible. This type of roof will provides additional outdoor living space.
  • Mansard roof: this type of roof is also called a French roof. It has four sides with twin slope in every side that create a low-pitched roof. The lower part of the slope is usually way steeper compared to the upper part. The sides of the roof can be either curved or flat, depending on your preference.
  • Hip roof: every side of this roof has slopes and each sides are equal in length. Hip roof is considered a more stable roof compared to other types of rood thanks to its inward slope. It is suitable for both snowy and high wind areas.
  • Gable roof: better known as peaked or pitched roof. This type of roof can be considered one among the popular types of roof in United States. The design allows your house to easily shed snow and water. It also offers more attic space.

Those are some types of roof pitch you can use as reference for your future house. Make sure to discuss with an expert so you can choose the most suitable roof for your condition and budget plan.