Four Types of Bar Cabinet for Your House

For those who love liquor or simply need a place to store your drinks, you may want to have a bar cabinet inside your house to store your liquor. Choosing a great one can be pretty confusing. You can read several types of the cabinet that may be suitable for your house in the following paragraph below.

Bar Cabinet Types

Here are the explanation of some of the types of the cabinet:

  • Wrap-round bar: the front part of this type of home bar offers an expanded counter space at both sides, creating U-shape design. Normally, one of the side is shorter to create a room for small sinks or fridge. This home bar is good for those who love classical look in your house.
  • Hidden home bar: this type of home bar has a design that looks like an armoire. You can see the spirits and wine storage, drawers, and a stemware rack when you open the door. You can use a lockable doors if you have children in your house to limit their access to your cocktail necessities.
  • Folding bar: this home is also known as swing open cabinet, which is very ideal to optimize the floor space within your home office or dining room. It can be opened and extended to make the feel and look of a normal size cabinet.
  • Corner home bar: this cabinet is very nice to save space for rooms with limited size. It is designed to match the corner of your room. It is also ideal for decoration purpose. Its design will not affect the traffic flow in your room, even if your room is small.

Those are some of the types of bar cabinet you can use in your room. You can get more inspiration and idea by reading magazine related to interior design.