Four Variances of Rocking Chair

The technology for rocking chair has expanded pretty rapidly these days. There are several basic types of rocker available on the market that can be customized to a personalized style according to the buyer. In this article, we will explain some of them briefly for your reference in the future.

Rocking Chair Types

The following list will describe each type of rocker briefly:

  • Spring rocker: this type of chair can swing forth and back within an arc like conventional rockers. However, it uses a group of attached springs to create the motion. Most of the time, those springs are covered within a box located at the chair’s base. This chair is usually less expensive and very durable, but often padded and upholstered heavily.
  • Glider rocker: this chair uses a group of swivels and levers to create the forth and back motion on a flat plane. The flat motion range takes less space compared to conventional rocker. It is considered more comfy by a lot of people. However, it is more expensive and less durable sue to the complexity of the mechanism.
  • Reclining rocker: some spring or glider rockers have reclining features. You can activate this feature by releasing the catch. More often than not, after releasing the catch, the rocking ability is disabled.
  • Swivel: spring and glider rockers often have a mechanism of swivel to enable rocking motion on a second plane, which add more flexibility and comfort to the user. Due to this feature, the cost is higher than conventional rocker.

Those are some of the types of rocking chair available on the market. Make sure to understand the perks and drawbacks of each type of chair and prepare some budget if you want the more advanced chair at your home as they cost higher than the simple one.