Handmade Your Custom Sofa Covers with Shibori

Are you bored with your white your sofa? It does not mean that you should buy the new one. There are many ways to make your sofas look more beautiful than before. Using sofa covers can be the best way to make it like a new! And, if you want a unique cover that is made by you, you can go with shibori pattern. In fact, Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that involves twisting, folding, and bunching fabrics or cloths and binding them, then dyeing it in indigo. Let’s see how to make it!

Tutorials of Making Shibori Sofa Covers

Before you start to do Shibori, you need to prepare some important things including a sheet of white fabric, please make a measurement how much you will need it for covering your sofa, then buy Shibori Dye Kit, 5-gallon bucket with lid, long stick for stirring.  The first that you can do is to fold the fabric in an accordion fold, you can use the iron to make it great. After that, use elastic bands placed 1-2 inches apart and it is good for you to tight strong. Then place it in the bucket of water to soak.

And then, make the dye with 5 gallons of the bucket then stir it with a long stick. After you have done with it, add the lid in the bucket and leave it for 15 minutes. And do not forget to remove the indigo foam. The dye is ready to use, squeeze your folded bundle, and dunk it into the dye bucket. The longer you dunk, the darker you will get. Then, remove the fabric from the dye, and it will oxidize from green to blue. Remove the bands, leave it until dry, and open it. Your Shibori sofa covers are ready to re-beautify your sofa!.