How to Identify an Antique Hoosier Cabinet

Hoosier cabinet is not just an antique furniture that serve as decoration for your house. It is also very functional and practical. To determine the real traditional Hoosier, we will explain briefly about its characteristic that you can use as reference.

Identifying Antique Hoosier Cabinet

Some characteristic to identify antique Hoosier can be read on the list below:

  • Art deco: Hoosier is often modified with contrast paint colors, glass door inserts, and curved lines to give a modern look. The conventional Hoosier usually has a duller color with simple design, which shows the quality of earlier part of century.
  • Manufacturer: most furniture manufacturers often hid their specific mark at the part that was not visible easily, such as the bottom part or inside the cabinet. It may need some skill to find those mark, but once you find it, it will be worth it because it means you are not choosing the wrong piece.
  • Type of wood: the most common woods used to create a Hoosier before 1920s were oak. Even so, some of them were also created with walnut, pine, and white maple. So make sure the Hoosier you are willing to purchase has those woods as its main material.
  • Style: Hoosier has unique features, such as lower compartment for pans and pots, a shelf or porcelain workspace in the center, and an upper cabinet. It also has built-in features, such as drawers, dish racks, spice racks, and flour sifters.

The features mentioned above are some of the identifying characteristic that you can find in antique or traditional Hoosier cabinet. The most common place to find this antique piece is antique shop. You can also start your hunting by searching on the internet and do some thorough to make sure the piece that you desired is truly the antique one.