How to Treat Your Chesterfield Sofa for Lifetime Investment

Do you know that the meaning of the word “chesterfield”? According to the English Oxford Dictionary, the word of “Chesterfield” refers to a leather couch. Having a leather chesterfield sofa looks better for years and it is a great investment for your home interior. Besides, giving a right treatment, you will achieve a lifetime investment.

Maintaining Your Chesterfield Sofa

The first thing you should consider when having this kind sofa in your home is the positioning of the leather chesterfield sofa. We suggest you put the sofa on the spot which does not get a lot of sunlight or near to a fireplace. In fact, when it exposes a direct sunlight, a source of heat, or even air conditioning the leather can crack, stiffen, as well as fade the look. This condition will ruin your beautiful sofa look. Next, Keeping your sofa conditioned is important. And the essential way to store your sofa is by giving a regular conditioning using a leather condition kit. In fact, the leather material contains a natural oil which helps to keep it soft and moist. A routine of conditioning will prevent your sofa from dying out and cracking.

Next, to achieve a great lifetime investment, you should clean your chesterfield sofa regularly. Even though the leather sofa remains a durable but it still needs a regular cleaning in the right way. The recommendation time to clean it is once or twice a weak depending on how frequently the sofa is used. For leather cleaning steps, you can use a soft, clean cloth to get rid of any loose particles. You can also a vacuum with a soft brush to reach the deeper spot. For wiping down all the surface of the sofa, we suggest you use a damp cloth and distilled water. Last, you may need a professional leather cleaning to avoid any further damage.