Popular Types of Filing Cabinet

In a home office, having filing cabinet is important to store the documents. Even so, there so many types of cabinet available on the market. Choosing the right cabinet for your room can be quite a hard work. In this article, we will give some suggestions on the best types of the cabinet for your home office.

Filing Cabinet Types

The characteristic of each cabinet can be read on the list below:

  • Fireproof vertical cabinet: if you want to store important files and need some extra protection, this type of cabinet can be you solution. It is created from fireproof material, which can obviously withstand fire, and has a built-in lock that will provide great safety to your files under emergency circumstances.
  • Mobile cabinet: this type of cabinet can easily blend to your other furniture within the room. It usually has great wooden finish, which can also serve for decorative purpose in your room. This cabinet is definitely a good choice for those who seek for some stylish cabinet in their home office.
  • Vertical cabinet with lock: it is normal for home offices to have confidential files. Thus, this type of cabinet is definitely a great choice to store them. The built-in lock will keep your documents safe. It also has steel bearings that allow the user to quietly open the drawers.
  • Two-drawer mobile cabinet: if you only have limited space in your room and need a cabinet to store all your documents, this model can be a wonderful solution for you. It has rolling wheels that allow you to move it around without too much efforts.

The list above already explain about several types of filing cabinet you can use in your home office. You can check some catalogs or magazines to see more types of cabinet available on the market.