Queen Mum

Queen Mum is the story of married mum Ally and her relationship with the family next door, in particular the beautiful Juno, who seems to glide through life with effortless grace. But when Juno takes part in the reality-TV show ‘Queen Mum’, Ally discovers a whole new side to the woman she thought was her best friend.

When I wrote this novel I wanted to look at the way in which we edit reality every day to fit in with our individual world view. As far as I can see, reality-TV is only an extension of this.

Praise for ‘Queen Mum’

“…a page-turner…Like her fellow chick-lit author Marion Keyes, Long is not afraid to take on darker issues — in this instance, the death of a child. She manages to do so without mawkishness within a comic novel, showing just how sensitively judged her writing is. …Friendship and family relationships are central to this well-observed and enjoyable novel, whose more serious moments are offset by a hilarious send-up of the confessional tendencies of reality television.”

The Times

“This is the perfect summer novel”

Glamour Magazine
Queen Mum in Czech    italianqm

“Long is as compulsively readable as ever, while the class contrast adds a deeper, wistful element”

Time Out

“[A] clever, funny novel”

First magazine

“You’d expect plenty of irreverent wit from the author of bestselling novels ‘The Bad Mother’s Handbook’ and ‘Swallowing Grandma’, and this delicious satire doesn’t disappoint. Perfect to tuck into your suitcase for relaxing on the beach.”

Red Magazine


“Long has a perceptiveness and a streak of tartness that, like repelling magnets, diverts her away from romantic mawkishness. Nevertheless she has the knack of getting you to root for a happy ending even if it’s a happy ending of real life”.

THE Book Magazine

“I recommend [Queen Mum] as a look at the modern tendency to rush into self-fulfilment without thinking of the consequences for others.”

Reading For Pleasure, The Bookseller
 Bad Mother's Handbook in Croatian

“Two very different mothers swap lives for two weeks of reality TV. It is strange how one’s sympathies chop and change in this sensitive, compulsive and astute read, her best since her brilliant The Bad Mother’s Handbook, which you must read too.”

Sarah Broadhurst, The Bookseller