Recommended Modern Bookshelves Ideas for Your Living Room

Choosing a nice bookshelf for your room is not as simple as it may seems. It needs planning, discipline, and extra attention to details. In this article, we will give brief information about some of the recommended modern bookshelves designs that you can use as references for your living room interior.

Modern Bookshelves Designs

You can read the description of each design on the following list below:

  • Wiry bookshelf: this design has recently become a trend among homeowners and interior designers. Its sophisticated modern look, slim visual, and metallic brilliance allow you to add a unique character to your room without using too much spaces. Its textural contrast and industrial style are good for those who looks for a more rustic look in their house.
  • Room dividers: you can use a standalone shelf as a room divider, especially in living areas with open plan. This design allow you to divide space without blocking light flow. Make sure to put not only books, but also decorating items. Leave some parts empty to add some touch.
  • Box-style: for those who search for adaptability and modular ease, this style is surely the best for you. It combines the display capabilities of an open shelf with the looks of closed cabinets. You need to focus on negative space to give a better result by leaving some parts empty.
  • Floor-to-ceiling: to make a wonderful accent wall, you can choose a bookshelf that stretch up to your ceiling. It gives a stunning look and can be altered easily by replacing its content. This type of designs is also suitable for smaller room with limited space.

The list above already describe briefly about several modern bookshelves designs you can use in your house. Discuss your choice with an expert to make sure your choice is suitable for your house.