Recommended Styles for Your Pantry Door

Not every house has pantry. Even so, pantry can be pretty useful for those who love to cook. It can be a simple storage area within your kitchen or a whole different room. There are a lot of types of pantry door you can choose for your pantry, which will be explained on the next paragraph.

Recommended Pantry Door Designs

The list below will describe each designs briefly.

  • Glass and wood door: this type of door has a frame created from woods and glass on its center. It is very popular among people who love traditional and antique interior designs. With this door, you can see what is inside your pantry area without having to open the door, which can reduce the disturbance for people who are using the pantry.
  • Chalkboard paint and magnetic door: you can either purchase this type of door or create it yourself by using magnetic paint and chalkboard paint. Apply three coats for magnetic paint at first and add 2 coats for chalkboard paint after that. You can write various things and display some magnets on your door.
  • Simple sliding door: for those who want a more simple design, you can choose sliding door system for your pantry. It offers flexibility in its usage and you can customize this door based on your personal taste.
  • Traditional double barn door: this door is suitable for a pantry that is located in a separate nook or room. It will gives some sort of Scandinavian or rustic feelings to your pantry, which is a good choice if your house is on traditional theme.

The previous paragraph already gave brief explanation regarding some designs for pantry door you can choose for your home. You can discuss further about the design with interior designers or read some magazines to enhance your inspiration.