Something Only We Know

“There are five members of our family: Mum, Dad, my sister Helen and me. And then there’s Helen’s anorexia.”


Sometimes a secret is too big to hide.

Jen is a trainee journalist working on Chester’s local paper, dreaming of something bigger. Her sister, Helen, is beautiful but damaged, and hides a secret that has affected the whole family, one they cannot escape but one she is trying to move on from.

As Helen learns to become a whole person once again, her family struggles with the past, and how they will move forward together. And Jen realises that the one person she needs to help her through is the one person she cannot have – Helen’s boyfriend, Ned…

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“As ever, Long’s fluent and relaxed storytelling is a delight.” – The Independent.


“Beautifully written…This is clever, original and interesting and I found myself thinking about the characters long after I had turned the final page.” – The Mail

“It enchanted me from the beginning; I couldn’t stop reading. I can’t praise this book enough.”   Librarian Lavender

“A level of understanding about this eating disorder which is really quite remarkable.” Cheryl’s Book Blog


Mirror                                                                                       The Sunday Mirror

“It takes a writer of great note to be able to express light and shade so beautifully, with honesty that allows us all a glimpse into the lives of others.”  Lofty Scribbler’s book blog

“This is receiving the highest rating from me, five out of five cupcakes no less.”  Becca’s Book Blog

Becca s Books  Something Only We Know by Kate Long

“… had me gripped. Well-drawn characters, an original plot and very fine writing indeed add up to a top-notch read.”  Fiction Is Stranger Than Fact

“I heartily recommend this one.”  Serendipity Reviews

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