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Orphan Kat Millar seems doomed to waste her best years caring for her horribly ungrateful grandmother, Poll. But relatives Kat knows nothing about are moving in, intent on changing her life forever. I wrote Swallowing Grandma because I was again interested in the dynamic between a carer and the person receiving that care. The relationship between Kat and her troublesome charge is one of constant small power shifts; each woman believes she is the one in control, and the struggle for supremacy continues right up to the end of the novel.

Swallowing Grandma is also about how environment shapes a person as they grow up, and how far we are able to shed that first identity.

 Praise for ‘Swallowing Grandma’
“…wise, warm and witty…will keep you reading until the very last page.”
“Swallowing Grandma is a well-crafted story of love and loathing, two emotions which are so often intertwined. Take it in your hand luggage and the journey will fly by.”
“Funny, often touching and honest, the energy and aplomb of the characterization carry the day.”
Sunday Times
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“Kate Long’s witty style – shades of Adrian Mole – enlivens the misery of being an unloved teenage girl in a dingy Lancashire village. Minor characters such as malodorous Dogman, sweet Aunt Cissie stranded in a nursing home, and Miss Dragon breathing fire at the library, are well-drawn. But the book’s great strength is the war between dependency and revulsion, duty and loathing, that exists between Katherine and Poll.”
London Evening Standard
“…the clarity of the setting is the book’s strongest suit, shored up by darkly humorous dialogue and a poignant, retrospective subplot…”
Time Out
“An enjoyable and entertaining read…”
The Independent
“…clean, enthusiastic prose…Long is now a best-selling writer, and this shows too. She understands what it is that makes girls read Danielle Steele under the desk and their mothers borrow their Margaret Atwood. It’s not about romance…it’s about women’s relationships with each other and themselves. Long evokes exactly what it is to have a crush on the most popular girl in the school; the shy, loving awkwardness between favourite pupil and teacher; the tiresome mannerisms of both flirt and swot.”
Scotland on Sunday

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“The Bad Mother’s Handbook was one of my favourite books of last year… This too is a delight. Kate Long is a tremendous find, highly recommended. I love her.”
Sarah Broadhurst in ‘The Bookseller’
“[An] excellent second novel… Long writes about young people trapped in eccentric family units with blunt good humour and style.”
The Independent
“Long brings to life a host of quirky characters…[her] prose is faithful to the regional dialect, and the story effortlessly encapsulates the end of adolescence and Kat’s mixed emotions as she redefines her notion of family and strikes out on her own.”
Publishers Weekly (US)
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