The Advantages of Choosing Standing Seam Metal Roof

For those who are currently searching for a type of roof that can last very long without needing too much maintenance, standing seam metal roof can be the solution you are looking for. There many advantages offered by this roofing and it will be explained briefly in this article.

Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roof

In the list below you can read some of the benefits of this roofing for your house.

  • This type of roofs can be installed over your current existing material for roofing.
  • Standing seam roofing last longer compared to other types or roofing. It has a very great durability, and is deemed to be able to last for over twice of the roofing shingles’ life.
  • There are many material options for this type of roofing, such as copper, steel, and aluminum. You are able to choose the material according to your needs and current existing roofing you have.
  • The maintenance of this roofing is very low. It needs very little to no maintenance for years. It can handle various weather, even wind with the speed up to 225 kilometer per hours, as long as it is properly installed.
  • This roofing also provides fire resistant qualities that will ensure its safety against fire that may occur accidentally.
  • It can withstand snow loads and heavy water.
  • This roofing is available in various color so you will have no problem matching it with your architectural design.
  • This roofing also offers the ability to reflect sunrays and reduces the house’s heat transfer. It will help you save more money on cooling costs up to 30 percent.

While having a lot of advantages, standing seam metal roof is not suitable for steep roof as it may be too slippery to walk on. It is also not suitable for roofs with many skylights, chimneys, vents, and other equipment.