The Benefits of Gambrel Roof for Your House

Gambrel roof can usually be found in any outbuildings, sheds, and barns. It is also pretty popular for homes, especially for garages, due to its strength for large area. There are some benefits you can get from applying this roofing in your house and some of them will be explained on the next paragraph.

Advantages of Gambrel Roof

The list below will elaborate several advantages of using this type of roof in your house.

  • Style: this type of roof has a stylish and uncomplicated look thanks to its 2 curved lines design. With this design, you can still have a stylish roofing without sacrificing its quality and safety. The firm style will give fashionable and satisfying looks for your lovely house.
  • Cost: this type of roof offers so many great features. It is very easy to assemble, which eventually lead to cheaper cost and shorter time to install. For those who are tight in budget but still want to have a great roofing, this roofing is definitely a great choice for you.
  • Easy to assemble: this roofing allow you to free extra space if you wish to have wider area at the upper floor. It is also easily constructed. It only uses 2 roof beams with simple gusset joints. The simplicity will help you to reduce the installation cost even more.
  • Past legacy: this roofing was the common roof used by the Georgian and Dutch style homes during the American colonial era. People that use this roofing are usually associated with either one of the home styles, which is surely not a bad thing.

Despite having great benefits, gambrel roof needs frequent maintenance and is not suitable within areas with heavy snowfall and winds. Thus, make sure your living area is free from both weather before choosing this type of roofing for your home.