The Characteristics of Papasan Chair

A papasan chair is a chair that consists of a short pedestal base, a cushion frame similar to a dish, and round and thick cushion. It was fist created in 1950s and gained its popularity in 1970s. In this article, we will briefly describes some of the distinct attributes of this chair.

Papasan Chair Characteristics

The characteristics of the chair will be described briefly on the list below:

  • Standing up: using this chair means you are basically sitting on some sort of nests and your legs may be hanging. Most people do not have their feet touching the ground, which means you need some extra efforts to stand up. You need your hands to push your body up.
  • Stability: the frame of this chair can be positioned. However, it compromises the chair’s stability. When you position the papasan frame for sitting, it offers great support if you do not make too much movements. Leaning or twisting to one side of the chair can make the chair lose balance.
  • Versatility: this chair enables the user to change the cushion and frame’s position. You can push the frame back if you want to sit up. If you want to curl up into a ball, you can put the frame on the centered base to get support from every sides.
  • Comfort: this chair surprisingly provides a lot of comfort. The circular and large cushion can accommodates a position of curling up. The cushion is pretty thick, so you will not feel uncomfortable with the frame and its size is comfortable for everyone.

The list above are some of the characteristics exhibit by a papasan chair. If you want to purchase this chair, make sure you understand those characteristics so you will not feel disappointed after you make a purchase since the price is not exactly a cheap one.