The Daughter Game

Anna’s personal life is in crisis. Her marriage is struggling, and the affair she began as consolation has now become a millstone around her neck. The place where she feels most secure is the safe and ordered world of the classroom; as a teacher she happily follows the rules, works hard and gets results.

Then the beautiful Kali arrives in her English group, a girl who is bright, unsettling, vulnerable and in need of guidance from an older woman. What could be more natural for a caring teacher to show concern for a troubled pupil? Anna believes the friendship can save them both.

But when that friendship begins to tip over into something more intense, Anna finds her professional and domestic lives caught up together in a crazy spiral that threatens to destroy everyone she ever cared about.

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Praise for ‘The Daughter Game’

“This complex psychological portrait succeeds because the author is unafraid to mine her fascinating material to its deepest extent…All this and cracking storytelling too. Kate Long’s novels deserve to move beyond their packaging”.

The Independent

“a compelling tale…this will have you on tenterhooks, until the last page”
Red magazine


.Marie Claire

 “Written with endless wisdom and warmth…an intriguing story about love, friendship and betrayal”

WOMAN magazine

“Only Kate Long…could get a character into such a mess, and get her out of it, with such warmth, skill and assurance. ”

The Times

“wit and warmth eventually win out in this very modern weepy”

Daily Mirror

“A compelling read”


“Compassionate and compelling”

Woman & Home

“a warm, thought-provoking read”


“Another great read from the author of the bestselling The Bad Mother’s Handbook and Swallowing Grandma”

Belfast Telegraph