Three Types of Folding Door for Your Building

Using folding door in your building can save you some space, especially if the building has limited open space. It is a system that slide and fold like concertina. This type of door also enhance the aesthetic look of your showroom and warehouse. In this article, we will elaborate briefly about several types of rolling doors available on the market to give you some insights.

Folding Door Types

Here are some types of rolling doors that you may want to know:

  • Carwash rolling doors: for those who has a carwash, using carwash rolling door is the best option for you. This type of door is created from anodized aluminum tubular profiles. It has features that support carwash condition, such as anti-corrosive quality. It also comes with high light admission and maximizes natural light, which is very ideal to accommodate carwash environments.
  • Insulated rolling doors: if you are searching for a rolling door that can help you in saving energy, this type of door can be a great solution for you. As an insulated door, this type of door is designed specifically to face harsh environment of industry. It is created with aluminum profiles and very flexible to slide. It can also be installed in many types of buildings.
  • Fully-glazed rolling doors: for a showroom owner, making sure that the products inside the showroom can be noticed easily is an essential aspect. This type of door allow natural light to go inside the warehouse or showroom. The design of this door make it able to be installed in various building types. The design is also highly adaptable.

You can choose the right folding door from the options mentioned above according to the requirement of environment. Discussing with the expert is recommended to make sure you will get the best benefits from each type of rolling doors.