Tips to Clean Your Bean Bag Chair Based on the Material of Its Cover

For those who have a bean bag chair at home or even office, you may be confused on how to take care of it due to its unique nature. The covers of this chair are created from various types of fabrics. The article will explain briefly on how to clean them.

Cleaning Your Bean Bag Chair

Here are some tips on cleaning your bean bag:

  • Washing the removable covers: you can unzip the cover of your chair and pull the liner that contains filler out. Pour the filler into a container or trash bag if it is loose. Wash the covers with washing machine in warm or cool water just like you wash your clothes. After it is dry, change the loose lining or filler.
  • Wiping vinyl cover: if the cover is made from vinyl and there are some stubborn spots on it, you can scrub them using a toothbrush. Make sure to use a soft one. After scrubbing the spots, you can simply wipe it dry using a clean cloth.
  • Brushing suede cover: if your cover is made from suede, you need to brush it regularly. You can use a wet terry cloth or suede eraser to rib the dried stains. After that rub the metal brush of suede in circular motions on the cover. Spray the cover with a specific protective spray for suede.
  • Rubbing spots off plush bean bags: you can rub this type of cover with a wet cloth. If the dust layer is heavy, lift it with a vacuum cleaner first before wiping the cover with a damp cloth.

Cleaning a bean bag chair heavily depends on the materials of the covers, so make sure you know the chair’s cover materials. You can also refer to the chair manuals, if any, to clean it up because some materials may need extra care compared to others.