Tips to Manage Your Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinet is very important storage in your home. It contains important medicine that may be useful in emergency situation. Thus, a good arrangement is very important in order to maintain its looks and clear the access to every item. In this article, we will describe some useful suggestions to organize your cabinet without too much efforts.

Arranging Medicine Cabinet

The following list will describe the useful and easy tips to arrange the cabinet.

  • Downsize the stuff: put several items that has bulky packages in smaller packaging. You can move your big lotion into a smaller vessel once it runs out to save some space. You can also discard some boxes that cover your cotton swabs or other items in your cabinet.
  • Magnetize small stuff: you can keep nail tools, tweezers, and bobby pins with magnet on a metal strip. Setting up this magnet installation is not hard and only takes a minute or two. Even so, it is able to save extra hours to organize your smaller stuff.
  • Prioritize: put the items that you often use closer to your arm reach and put the less frequent one on the top. This will save more time for you to prepare your make up or medicine when the situation calls for it. it also give you a better access to your stuff when they are needed.
  • Clear the decks: managing the cabinet starts from clearing everything from it. Toss every wrecked, useless, or expired items. Clean your cabinet up by wiping down the shelves with soft clothes and put every useful stuff base on its priority.

The list above already lists several useful tips to manage your medicine cabinet easily. Make sure to regularly clean your cabinet up to avoid any mold growing inside and spoiling all your important medicine and make-ups.