Tips to Use Sliding Door Curtains in Your House

Sliding doors are pretty popular among interior designer because it saves more spaces and provides stylish, elegant, and sophisticated look at the same time. However, sliding door does not provide much privacy for the homeowner. Sliding door curtains become one of the recommended solutions to solve this issue.

Using Sliding Door Curtains in Your Room

Some tips on how to apply curtains on your sliding door are listed below:

  • Adding valance: you can hide the fittings of the curtain by adding a valance. There are many types of valance available on the market. If your house are wooden themed, then a wooden valance is the best choice for you. Make sure to match it with the windows sills and frames. Wooden valance works the best with rustic or traditional settings.
  • Matching the color of curtains: this part is very important to make sure your sliding door does not look out of place. Make sure the color matches with the wall and the hardware of your room. Combining the designs with lighting fixtures, as well as other accent accessories, is also a good move.
  • Installing curtains on every type of sliding doors: even if your sliding door is smaller than compared to common sliding door designs, you still need to add some curtains for the sake of privacy. Bedroom needs heavier curtains than kitchen or living room. Make sure the curtain does not block the light.
  • Adding metal rods: a thin rod can maintain a uniform and simple look in your room. Install it close to the ceiling so the longer curtains cover the whole wall.

Before applying the tips about sliding door curtains mentioned above, make sure to understand what kind of design interior you wish to pursue. Having a coordinated design will add a great harmony in your house.