Top 3 Design Ideas for Built in Bookshelves

For those who love to read, having a bookshelf near your reading space is a must. Surely, you want a great design for your bookshelf to make sure it matches the ambience of your room. This article will give you some suggestions on the designs of built in bookshelves you can choose in your home.

Built in Bookshelves Design Ideas

You can read some design idea on the bookshelves on the list below:

  • Airy effect: this design idea plays every angles. The bookshelf serves as backdrop and headboard, offering storage for decorative objects, extra books, and reading glass. The shelves imitate the rectangle shape formed by the overhead beams, bench, and bed, creating a sense of airiness that gives an ambience of larger space. It also acts as the sound barrier between the bath and main bedroom.
  • Pine-paneled design: the design of this shelves maximize the space for interior by using the wall as the backing for the shelves. You can store many little things on the shelves, such as decorative items and books. It is attached to horizontal pine paneling. This design gives some sort of rustic feel while at the same time keeps everything spare and simple.
  • Alcove formation: creating bookshelves near a furniture create an architectural and cozy feel to your room. You can place a sofa near your bookshelves to give a warmth ambience in your living room. Wooden bookshelves are more preferable for this design. Planning the lighting of your room is important in this design to make sure the wiring can run safely behind the woodwork.

Those are several recommended built in bookshelves design you can apply in your house. You can do further research about the design you wish to apply to make sure everything will be executed well and leave no room for disappointment.