Top 4 Unique Bookshelves Designs

For any book lovers, a great bookshelf is very important both for the books and the looks of their room. There are a lot of unique bookshelves designs you can apply to your house. This article will describe briefly about several quirk designs that may be suitable for your house.

Unique Bookshelves Ideas

Here are some ideas on extraordinary bookshelves that you can use as reference:

  • Book-tree design: if you want to have a very unique shelf that give a vibe of summer afternoon and romantic feeling, you may want to try this type of design. It has a shape that looks like a tree and it can handle a lot of books without using too much spaces in your room.
  • Equilibrium bookcase: adding a quirk feeling to your room can be easier using this type of bookcase. The cantilevered modules are stacked on the top of each other. It will give a surprise and amusement ambience to your room. Despite looking pretty fragile, it can actually handle up to 120 lbs. in weight.
  • Industrial pipe shelf: you can use the free space at the corner of your room to stack your books using this type of design. This design utilizes iron piping to a fancy urban look, which give an unusual character and industrial feeling to your room.
  • Teacup shelf: this unique design consists of teacup-shaped shelves stacked together. It offers a playful sense to your room, which is suitable for living room or any less-formal room. Most of the models of this design have colorful choices. Match the color with your room and create a fun ambience.

Those are some of the unique bookshelves ideas you can apply to your interior design. Reading interior design magazine for more reference is recommended to make sure the result match the looks of your house.