Types of Desk Chair for Your Office

Having a desk chair in offices is very common nowadays. There are many types of this chair according to its function. Every type has their own features. These features are adjusted according to its functionality. In this article, we will describe some of them briefly to give you a better understanding.

Desk Chair Types

You can read the description of each chair types on the list below:

  • Guest chair: you have to provide chairs for visitors in your workplace. Guest chairs are usually not adjustable, flexible and mobile. Even so, it still need to be comfortable. The most common guest chairs are usually made from wood or plastic with various colors and design. It is commonly placed near a desk or reception area.
  • Executive chair: this type of chair has wheels and casters that is able to rotate on every directions. It features a tall backrest with thick layers of leather for its cover and polyurethane foam for its filler. There is a padding on its armrest and the backrest is also adjustable.
  • Ergonomic chair: this type of chair is suitable for those who are searching for a chair that is friendly for their back. It is an ideal chair if you have spine or back pain problems. It is designed specifically to provide maximum support for your back.
  • Conference chair: also known as boardroom chair, this chair is the best for both relaxing and meetings. Meetings focus on listening and talking, which means a comfortable position for sitting is the most important aspect. This chair offers it just right.

The chairs mentioned above are some of the desk chair that are commonly found in many offices. The more comfort it provides, the more expensive it gets. So make sure to prepare some budget when you want to purchase chairs for your office.