Various Types of Gun Cabinet

Keeping your gun from unauthorized persons is very important to avoid misconduct with the gun. Thus, having a gun cabinet is very important for those who possess any firearm at home. In this article, we will elaborate several types of gun safes you can choose to secure your gun at home.

Gun Cabinet Types

Each cabinet will be explained briefly on the following list below:

  • Electric lock: this type of cabinet is considered as the most convenient cabinet. The electronic locks allow the cabinet for faster opening. It usually have safeguards that prevent the users from opening the cabinet after several incorrect attempts to open the cabinet. However, it may ignites more complicated problem compared to the conventional ones.
  • Dual-lock: this type of cabinet provides double security thanks to its dual locks. Both of the locks need to be opened before you can get your gun, so it gives unauthorized persons more things to solve before stealing your precious gun.
  • Biometric lock: this cabinet is also known as fingerprint safe. It does not rely on key or combination. Your unique fingerprints will be the only access to open the cabinet. It means no one can open the cabinet but you and some other authorized users you allow to access your gun.
  • Combination lock: this cabinet is the most classic and conventional lock available on the market. You can only access your gun after you enter the combination. This type of cabinet usually lasts longer than other types of lock. However, it may take some time to open.

The previous paragraph already give some brief explanations about several types of gun cabinet you can choose to store your gun. Make sure your gun is stored safely to prevent access from unauthorized persons that may use your gun for bad purposes.